Every now and then I need an escape from reality…  Just a few hours without any responsibilities. So, I booked an afternoon of spoiling at beauty & wellnesscenter VITALA.  And it was… heaven!

VITALA consists of a beauty institute, a private wellness and a hairsalon. Now that’s a full package and complete spoilment guaranteed! The company exists since 1999 and is always up to date with the latest trends.

I experienced the wellness part and it was rather difficult to make a choice because there’s such a huge offer. Life is so hectic at this moment that I wanted to be completely out of the world: a full body massage was the perfect kick off. The massage room was beautifully decorated and immediately gave a soothing feeling.

That was just the start of a relaxing afternoon. The spa was the way to complete it. Jacuzzi, bath, sauna,.. Are you impressed by the beautiful pictures? Well, believe me the reality is even better.

VITALA has gained a spot in my favorite wellnesscenters. They welcome you and take good care of their clients. It’s also a very hygienic place. Won’t be a surprise I’ll be back soon for some more spoiling. But then I’ll explore the beauty institute and the hairsalon.

Are you a fan of wellness? Any good spots you’d recommend? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Have a great afternoon and thank you so much for your visit. Talk to you soon! Xo, Eva

Promotional – Vitala from Sse Productions on Vimeo.

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