Happy monday! If you would have been looking for me this morning, you would have found me in my garden, on my hometrainer for a little 10k. Yes, exercising in the morning. For me the way to get through this hectic monday. Because sports has become a fixed value in my life, I now notice all those beautiful sports collections. One of my favorites at this moment is URBAN CHICX by Xenia Overdose, in collaboration with HUNKEMÖLLER.

The collection consists many lovely pieces but I couldn’t resist the leggings and catchy sports bra. The leggings are just dope, but more important it fits perfectly. And I’m so happy it’s a highwaist legging, it’s much more agreeable for a good run. But my best buy is definitely the sports bra. Let’s be honest: a good workout starts with a good sports outfit and the bra is the most important part. As you can see, I have (kind of) big breasts and the girls who are in the same situation, know how difficult it can be to find a good sports bra. With good, I mean, a bra that gives good support.

I have bought many before but mostly with the same disappointing outcome. Well girls, this one is it, it’s a keeper! I went running in it last week and it was so pleasant! (didn’t even feel my breasts “moving” if you know what I mean) And as an extra, the bra looks nice too. This is just an “extra” ’cause you’re probably the only one who will see it. Or are you a little daredevil like me, who went out for a run in only a sports bra and shorts during this incredibly warm summer?

::: I’M WEARING :::

URBAN CHICX collection by Xenia Overdose, in collaboration with HUNKEMÖLLER

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  1. This is FABULOUS! I’m always looking for new workout gear, and these are right up my alley. I’m off to their site now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are killing it in this look girl! I really love the unique lines of the sports bra and the supportive quality you mention. That is always what I am after in a sports bra.

  3. Nice post. Such a beautiful outfit and you look good into it, that leggings look so comfortable to wear.

  4. I love your outfit! And the sports bra is gorgeous! I definitely could use one that has support for a, um, heavier top! haha. The one I have now has a clasp in the front and the last time I went to the gym with it on, the clasp came undone while running….and freed everything. Not my finest moment! lol. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be looking into getting this bra!

  5. Very daring outfit! And it looks perfect on you! I should say that this urban style is not fit for everybody, only a woman with a perfectly shaped body can try this fashion style.

  6. it really looks comfortable! I often go in the gym but wear boring outfits LOL. I think it will be more motivating for me to train if i will be revamping my closet harhar..
    that sports bra looks great!

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