Music, essential in my life. Fan of iconic artists as RIHANNA, ADELE, BEYONCE, SIA, … But please, let’s not forget about the legends who paved the way for the artists of today. Artists as TINA TURNER, ELLA FITZGERALD, ETTA JAMES, THE ANDREWS SISTERS,… I’m classically schooled (piano and singin’) and grew up with the nocturnes of Chopin, the opera Carmen by Bizet, the sonatas of Beethoven, the etudes of Bach,… But nothing can beat that good old soul and the jazz ‘n blues….

I want to experience music in its best way, by preference: live. If that isn’t possible, with a headphone that comes close to it. And here it is…

Let me introduce you to the DUTCH ORIGINALS HEADPHONE. Works via bluetooth and thanks to the over-ear-design, you’ll forget about everything that happens around you and the music is all you’ll think about. Hours of pleasure guaranteed! I take her everywhere with me, especially to the gym. No need to take out my phone to listen to the next song or to adjust the volume, you’ll find a button on the headphone itself. But more importantly no more hassle with tangled up wires. One happy girl over here!

I can easily call this my best buy of the month and if you’d like to have a DUTCH ORIGINALS, score it here, here and here. (Browse the internet for more options) And don’t forget to let me know how you’re experiencing it, okay? Enjoy this lovely sunday afternoon! I’m off, currently listenin’ to “tutti frutti” by LITTLE RICHARD. You should see me dance now, haha! Talk to you soon, sweeties!

Images by Huub Wolters

Published by Eva Perez

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  1. Ik wandel vaak met mijn headphone op, ideaal dat hij ook bluetooth is, zo heb ik geen last meer van draadjes enzo. Deze is wel heel stoer zeg!

  2. Muziek is zeer belangrijk in mijn leven. Het liefst gebruik hele goede speakers. Headphones vind ik te afgesloten. Komt waarschijnlijk door mijn claustrofobie :-). Echte hele mooie foto’s trouwens!

  3. Ik heb eigenlijk gewoon altijd mijn iphone-oordopjes in, al kan ik me voorstellen dat dit zoveel mooier geluid geeft.. wie weet toch ook eens overstappen naar zoiets.

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