Cleanin’ out my closet

ReFashion Days are comin’ closer and… I’m almost ready! Labelling the last items now. I’m happy I can pass so many items of my closet to other people. I’ve enjoyed wearing them and hope the next owner will have the same joy of it.

I have a monochrome closet and I’m crazy ’bout black, it’s my happy color. Buy most of my clothes abroad, particularly in the UK. I’m not afraid of leather or vinyl, so you’ll definitely find some in my collection.

Jackets are also a big part of my collection. The majority are faux fur coats, all in very good condition. I’ll be selling 4 at ReFashion.

What about shoes and other accessories? Shoes can only be sold in very good or new condition. I’ve selected some that I’ve never or barely worn. I’m the kind of girl that buys shoes every month (if possible, every week) and I even buy shoes to “look at.”

Say whaaaaaat?

Yes, I do buy shoes of which I know in advance that I will not or hardly wear them. Think of shoes with insanely high heels, a very special look or very expensive ones. It makes me happy to “see” them and to know they’re mine. Some of you will completely understand, others will think I’m insane.

I’ll have bags for sale too, but not many. My bag collection isn’t as huge as I’d like it. (Workin’ on that…)

If you weren’t intend to come, than I hope I’ve changed your mind. You’ll have the chance to shop in the closets of other bloggers, stylists, well known belgian people,… And the first ones receive a goodiebag!

Save the date – ReFashion : 5/6/7 and 8 april. Shop ’til you drop ladies!

Vitala : A little escape from reality…

Every now and then I need an escape from reality…  Just a few hours without any responsibilities. So, I booked an afternoon of spoiling at beauty & wellnesscenter VITALA.  And it was… heaven!

VITALA consists of a beauty institute, a private wellness and a hairsalon. Now that’s a full package and complete spoilment guaranteed! The company exists since 1999 and is always up to date with the latest trends.

I experienced the wellness part and it was rather difficult to make a choice because there’s such a huge offer. Life is so hectic at this moment that I wanted to be completely out of the world: a full body massage was the perfect kick off. The massage room was beautifully decorated and immediately gave a soothing feeling.

That was just the start of a relaxing afternoon. The spa was the way to complete it. Jacuzzi, bath, sauna,.. Are you impressed by the beautiful pictures? Well, believe me the reality is even better.

VITALA has gained a spot in my favorite wellnesscenters. They welcome you and take good care of their clients. It’s also a very hygienic place. Won’t be a surprise I’ll be back soon for some more spoiling. But then I’ll explore the beauty institute and the hairsalon.

Are you a fan of wellness? Any good spots you’d recommend? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Have a great afternoon and thank you so much for your visit. Talk to you soon! Xo, Eva

Promotional – Vitala from Sse Productions on Vimeo.

Insta Interieur by Anne-Catherine

When it comes to interior, I’m a newbie. I know what I like and dislike but that’s not equal to knowing how to decorate your home. That’s why I started browsing the internet for some inspiration. It was also around that time that Belgian Blogger Anne-Catherine from CLO CLO released her first interior book. Perfect timing!

For those who don’t know Anne-Catherine, let me introduce you to her. A few years ago she was in search for an interior blog but didn’t found her cup of tea. That’s when she launched her own blog, CLO CLO. She spent the next years blogging ’bout interior and lifestyle. And then… In 2017 she presented her first interior baby “INSTA INTERIEUR

The beautiful thing is, she doesn’t just share interior pictures but gives a lot of tips and shares interesting addresses for home accessories and decorations. This book is a gift from heaven for newbies like me. And very important: it reads easily. When I moved into my house early December I felt more at ease to start the long decoration adventure. She explains a lot of important things perfectly and I learned a lot from her point of view.

The book is written in Dutch and can be found in most of Belgium’s best known bookstores. I’m impatient to share my interior styling adventure of my new home with you. It’s comin’ soon… Just a little bit more patience. Love always, Eva

This is the life

Hi sweeties! It has been quiet here the last two weeks… I had the most two stressy and hectic weeks of my life. (Well, it certainly deserves a place in my top ten of most hectic moments) Some of you may already know it, but 6 months ago I decided to trade my couple life for a single one. December 9th I kicked off that single mommy life with movin’ into our new house.

But let me be honest with you: as much as I love this new lifestyle/situation, It ain’t easy at all. And I’m not talking about the financial part but about the responsibilities as a single parent.

Here’s how I survive :


From now on the biggest part of my life is planned, even the most silly things. Being an impulsive, chaotic and over-enthousiastic person this was my worst nightmare. I like being surprised and unprepared but I quickly realized it would put us in many difficult situations. That’s why the important things are planned but my weekends are still chaotic 😉


This has always been the case, but even more now. They are my first priority. As a single parent, you’re the only one they can count on, the only one they trust and the only one they believe in. There’s no room (or not much room) for mistakes. It’s taking your responsibilities every single day and every single minute.


Depending on the age of your kids of course, but keep in mind that communication is everything. My boys are 5 and 2. When I took the decision to leave their dad I immediately told them how our new life would look like. I pictured the future and waited patiently for their reaction. My youngest son didn’t have a clue… But Jaro, my eldest son, understood and agreed quickly. The boys are my hero’s. And I’m treating my eldest son as the new MAN of the house, I let him be in charge of “important” things and he loves that!


The worst part of breaking up when kids are included, is that you have to miss them from time to time. Friends who are in the same situation, keep telling me it will get easier and that I’ll learn to appreciate that time-off… I’m not there yet…

I’ll fill those days with gym, spending time with friends, blogging, taking long warm baths with lots of foam, citytrips,… and hopefully many crazy adventures!


It’s important to stay positive, how difficult the situation may be. If YOU aren’t positive, how can your kids be? I’ve chosen for this life and I know there’ll be lots of ups and downs. But at the same time I’m SO proud! I’m proud I had the balls to leave, I’m proud I get to show my boys and every single one of you that it’s possible to start all over AND to be happy again!

If you’re in an unhappy situation at this moment, I hope this will encourage you to follow your heart and to take the necessary steps. I DID IT AND SO CAN YOU! I’m rooting for you! Lots of love from one independent human being to another -XXX-

Birthday Girl

April 5th – All eyes on me : it’s my birthday! Finally 30 years old! Life’s going fast, but it’s treating me well. I’m at a point in life where I can honestly say that I have or own most of the things that make me happy. And last year I’ve started this blog, what an adventure! (Happy to share all this with you. Everytime I’m writing/sharing a post I’m curious about your feedback. They make my day! Can’t wait to see where the blog will bring me in the next months/years)

Okay, so today I’m starting a new chapter in my life. Those of the 30s, I’ve been counting the days ’til this moment. I believe people will take me more seriously. (Even though I know what life is all about – I’ve had enough ups and the downs. Unfortunately a lot people will judge you differently as long as you’re in your twenties.) I’ve heard from a lot of women that the thirties were their best. As well as on carreer level as personal. Let’s say I’m very curious what these next 10 years will bring me.. I hope I’ll find the time to explore the world a little bit more. Would like to meet new people, people with a past and an interesting story. And oh YES, bring me lots of unexpected and/or difficult situations, I need challenges…

Furthermore, I won’t live my life in a different way then I did before. I won’t make any promises like sporting more, being more patiently,… I am who I am. I made it this far so I’ll definitely make it through the rest of this amazing journey.

So, I say: “Happy Birthday to me. Be proud of who/what you’ve become. Keep working your ass off to fulfill your dreams. And make this life an incredible ride!