…Officially stuck in the white zone. I can’t even explain where all the love comes from. Today’s look is some kind of chic with that little more. Those who know me a little bit better know how essential “that little bit more” is to me. Are you ready for my interpretation of a minimalistic white look?

Adore the blazer and own it in different colors by the way. Admitted, the cleavage is rather deep so it’s completely up to you whether you wear it the “Eva way” or in a safer version. But in this look the cleavage doesn’t bother me at all ’cause the rest of the look is pretty classy. The choice for wide trousers was an easy one, tight trousers would have taken the classy vibe out of the look anyway.

The bag completes the look perfectly. It’s a little one but you’d be surprised how useful she is, a real musthave! My white pumps underneath and all ready to go. Do you feel this look? Don’t hesitate to leave you comments below, always interested in your feedback. I’m off now, talk to you soon! (lots of good things comin’ up for the blog, just sayin’) XXX, Eva

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  1. Het staat je prachtig. Lukt het goed om het schoon te houden? Ik draag nooit wit, omdat ik altijd overal vlekken in krijg. Ik ben helaas een vlekkenmagneet… : (

  2. I think the “Eva way” looks gorgeous, but I’d probably go for the safer version:) In any case, the outfit is super crisp and classy and I can see so many occasions in which it can be worn.

  3. Chic en gewaagd! Een bijzondere combinatie! Zelf draag ik nooit wit omdat ik nogal bleek ben en het niet bij me past! 🙂

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