Say YES to new adventures

First things first: I’m sorry for the online silence. I’ve taken some time off this summer and have given all my attention to my two boys. We had such a great time!

Does this mean that I haven’t been active at all? Of course not! This little break has given me the opportunity to prepare everything, including myself, for the future. Some may know it, others don’t, but I’ve graduated as allround fashion stylist this year. To those who are frowning their eyebrows right now and wondering what the hell is there to learn about styling, believe me: a lot! The way you dress yourself tells so much more than you would expect.

I’ve realized that even more when I created my little world through my fashion blog, 1,5 year ago. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to tell a story via my personal style. I simply let the look do the talkin’ for me. It’s one thing to inspire but it’s even better if you can help. That’s when the idea of personal shopping, styling,.. and allround fashion styling tout court, dominated my thoughts. Started browsing the internet, went to open days,… to find the school that suited me the best.

My search ended at BLUSH ACADEMY & AGENCY. This school, founded by PALMIRA PROIETTI  & CAROLINE RIGO, distinguishes itself from the rest by immediately translating the theory into practice. They give you the opportunity to sign up for internships, so that you can experience how it all works in the “real world”. The lessons are given in small groups and at this fantastic location: CAFE BEAUTE, a beauty bar in the heart of Hasselt. Not a typical location, right! But an inspiring place for sure.

We’ve been through it all: color, style, garderobe planning, men styling, career planning,.. An intensive 5 month journey, sealed with that one final test.

Our moment to shine! The vibe was unbelievable, positivity all around, excitement! A chance to work as a team with international fashion photographer STEPHANIE SMEETS, different make-up artists and freelance models. It was even better than I imagined. (YES, I dreamed this moment a hundred times. To be prepared in every way)

The future?

It’s time to take the blog to the next level. In my short time as a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands such as HUNKEMÖLLER, PRETTYLITTLETHING, …. People are finding their way to my little place, it’d be a missed opportunity if I wouldn’t try to expand this. In addition, to develop a career as fashion stylist, what can be done in many different ways. I’d love to walk that (high) fashion path: to work as a stylist for photoshoots and other visual projects. (currently working on my portfolio and on the styling leg of this website.)

But I’m also here FOR YOU, as your personal shopper & wardrobe stylist. My goal is to offer you a wider choice, to push your boundaries and to open up a whole new world for you…

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  • Isa
    September 4, 2018

    You should be proud to persue your dreams! Can’t be easy going to classes while managing a household!

  • Lizzie | Globalizious
    September 5, 2018

    Heerlijk!!! Geniet van de nieuwe uitdagingen!