Hello sweeties, hello! The weather gods are in a good mood and treatin’ us to some extra summer days… YAY!!! The ideal moment to introduce you to this glamourous nude dress by OH POLLY. I’ve experimented with light and soft colors this summer and this dress is just another result of it. (In fact, I should have given these light shades a chance much earlier… It compliments me more than I’d ever expected)

Suitable for many occasions thanks to the classy feeling and that little touch of glamour. But it’s the high split that makes my heart skip a beat. (I’d never wear a dress or skirt that comes over my knees without a split, it makes me look smaller and as a petite girl that’s what I absolutely have to avoid) Also a fan of the cleavage, even in combination with the high split. Which is rare, to catch me with both in one look. It can so easily look cheap but somehow this dress can handle it and therefore me too. This musthave asks for high heels and that’s exactly what I’ve given her. Black, like the small handbag, to create a some contrast.

Also, this look gave me the opportunity to experiment with a new hair color, which I’m very happy with! (read: wildly enthusiastic) I’ve seen those ombre looks on so many women and it suited them all so well, glad I’ve tried it too. The curls suit my personality and way of livin’ perfectly: wild & free, baby! Haha!

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