Restaurant Patrick Devos

My favorite kind of meetings? Lunch meetings, for sure! I had the pleasure to meet an amazingly creative team and, at the same time, the luck to discover RESTAURANT PATRICK DEVOS. This restaurant is housed in a valuable historical building in the heart of Bruges. The interiorstyling is almost as impressive as the food itself.

As we came for a meeting, we had the advantage of dining in a slightly more private space. The service was great and the food was… sublime. When it comes to food, I like chicken but especially fish. And they have a few stunners in this area.

Let me show you a few of the delicious (and breathtaking) dishes :

And these are just pictures… Try to imagine the reality of these dishes. Do you understand why I’m still impressed by my visit and still feel the flavors in my mouth? All this in combination with a glass of white wine. Just.. Perfect!

From the first to the last minute, we have been pampered. This amazing team knows exactly how to meet up to the requirements of their costumers. So, if you’re visiting Bruges and in search for a culinary orgasm, this is absolutely the place to be!

All picture credits to their owners

Please, Don’t stop the Music!

Music, essential in my life. Fan of iconic artists as RIHANNA, ADELE, BEYONCE, SIA, … But please, let’s not forget about the legends who paved the way for the artists of today. Artists as TINA TURNER, ELLA FITZGERALD, ETTA JAMES, THE ANDREWS SISTERS,… I’m classically schooled (piano and singin’) and grew up with the nocturnes of Chopin, the opera Carmen by Bizet, the sonatas of Beethoven, the etudes of Bach,… But nothing can beat that good old soul and the jazz ‘n blues….

I want to experience music in its best way, by preference: live. If that isn’t possible, with a headphone that comes close to it. And here it is…

Let me introduce you to the DUTCH ORIGINALS HEADPHONE. Works via bluetooth and thanks to the over-ear-design, you’ll forget about everything that happens around you and the music is all you’ll think about. Hours of pleasure guaranteed! I take her everywhere with me, especially to the gym. No need to take out my phone to listen to the next song or to adjust the volume, you’ll find a button on the headphone itself. But more importantly no more hassle with tangled up wires. One happy girl over here!

I can easily call this my best buy of the month and if you’d like to have a DUTCH ORIGINALS, score it here, here and here. (Browse the internet for more options) And don’t forget to let me know how you’re experiencing it, okay? Enjoy this lovely sunday afternoon! I’m off, currently listenin’ to “tutti frutti” by LITTLE RICHARD. You should see me dance now, haha! Talk to you soon, sweeties!

Images by Huub Wolters


Today I’m releasing my inner cowgirl while adding a classic touch. I hope you feel vibe. It’s been a few weeks now that I’m totally into cowboy heads and boots and don’t even get me started on my tie and bow addiction. I’m super excited to mix these new loves with my personal style. The love has started within the last weeks of 2018 and in no time my collection has been expanded with more than 20 items.

The high waist faux leather short is an unuasual but perfect addition to this look. It only took me a few seconds to buy this eyecatcher. It’s pleasant and absolutely comfortable to wear. I combined it with fishnet stockings to put my legs in the spotlight. (I’m a petite girl, my legs are one of my most important features) And as a fan of a classic touch in a look, the basic white blouse was a non-surprising choice but this in combination with the military inspired woolen coat gives “the classic” just that little twist.

I completed the look with my super cool cowgirl boots. I’m in L-O-V-E with them. I can hardly believe that this is my first pair. To be honest I have been doubting between the all black version or these ones.. Ended up with this version because it’s just that little more funkier and wild.

Absolutely proud to introduce this look as the first one of the year. Jiiiieeehaaaaa sweeties, I’m off now! Talk to you soon. Love always, your girl


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Last Chance

My favorite month is finally here: my sweet october! Pumpkin season, warm colors,.. Fall! I love fall, especially when it’s filled with nice and soft weather, totally enjoying those beautiful sunny moments. Also my last chance to wear a summer inspired outfit. Are you ready for a glamorous, daring but classy, monochrome look?

The wrap top, part of the Fall/Winter 2018 ASTRID | BLACK LABEL collection by Belgian but in L.A. based beauty ASTRID, is one of my favorite pieces of this collection. It’s loose, it’s a little bit oversized and wearable in diffferent ways. I like it glamorous and created a deep cleavage and accentuated it even more with this long necklace by PRETTYLITTLETHING. (If you’re not comfortable w/ deep cleavages, you can absolutely wear it in a more subtle way. And with a bra underneath or a black top)

To create some contrast in the look, I went for classic white pants. I’ve experimented a lot with white and light colors this summer, not ready to quit this new habit yet. I even bought a white little handbag, so let’s say that the white madness is real. I combined it with my favorite pointed ankle boots by BOOHOO. (not recommended to wear on cobblestones but hey, anything for cool pictures, right?)

This was my last summer inspired look, leavin’ the beautiful summer behind in style. In the meantime, I transistioned my closet from summer to fall. Think faux fur, trench coat, oversized jumpers,… So ready for this! Talk to you soon and have a great weekend! Love always, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::

Pictures by Dirk Catteeuw

De Stadt van Luijck

If you’re a foodie, visiting Limburg and a fan of haute cuisine, DE STADT VAN LUIJCK is the place to be, without any doubt! I had the pleasure to discover this restaurant and was impressed all the way! It’s not just a night out, it’s a journey that starts the moment you enter this beautiful location until the moment you leave.

The restaurant is run by a young team, with head chef Pajtim Bajrami and partner in crime (read/think: kitchen) Laurens Krawinckel at his side. They are a match made in heaven, with one clear goal: lift DE STADT VAN LUIJCK to the highest level. And they will succeed! Barely 15 months open and already proclaimed as “the discovery of the year 2018” Ain’t surprised, every dish is a pleasing to the eye and a culinary orgasm.

Make your choice between the four-, five- or six-course dinner accompanied by the best wines. We went for the four-course dinner with, for me, dame blanche as dessert. Fresh ice cream and the plate was made right in front of me, by head chef Pajtim Bajrami.

Because pictures say (and convince) more than words, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect…

These are images. Can you imagine the real version? I hope there’ll be an occasion to return to this restaurant, to discover more of the menu. And if there isn’t a special occasion, I’ll invent one, just to be able to go. THANK YOU so much to the one who introduced me to this lovely place. It was an unforgettable experience!

All credits go to the owners of the pictures.

Like a lady

Hello sweeties, hello! The weather gods are in a good mood and treatin’ us to some extra summer days… YAY!!! The ideal moment to introduce you to this glamourous nude dress by OH POLLY. I’ve experimented with light and soft colors this summer and this dress is just another result of it. (In fact, I should have given these light shades a chance much earlier… It compliments me more than I’d ever expected)

Suitable for many occasions thanks to the classy feeling and that little touch of glamour. But it’s the high split that makes my heart skip a beat. (I’d never wear a dress or skirt that comes over my knees without a split, it makes me look smaller and as a petite girl that’s what I absolutely have to avoid) Also a fan of the cleavage, even in combination with the high split. Which is rare, to catch me with both in one look. It can so easily look cheap but somehow this dress can handle it and therefore me too. This musthave asks for high heels and that’s exactly what I’ve given her. Black, like the small handbag, to create a some contrast.

Also, this look gave me the opportunity to experiment with a new hair color, which I’m very happy with! (read: wildly enthusiastic) I’ve seen those ombre looks on so many women and it suited them all so well, glad I’ve tried it too. The curls suit my personality and way of livin’ perfectly: wild & free, baby! Haha!

::: I’M WEARING :::

Urban Chicx by Xenia Overdose

Happy monday! If you would have been looking for me this morning, you would have found me in my garden, on my hometrainer for a little 10k. Yes, exercising in the morning. For me the way to get through this hectic monday. Because sports has become a fixed value in my life, I now notice all those beautiful sports collections. One of my favorites at this moment is URBAN CHICX by Xenia Overdose, in collaboration with HUNKEMÖLLER.

The collection consists many lovely pieces but I couldn’t resist the leggings and catchy sports bra. The leggings are just dope, but more important it fits perfectly. And I’m so happy it’s a highwaist legging, it’s much more agreeable for a good run. But my best buy is definitely the sports bra. Let’s be honest: a good workout starts with a good sports outfit and the bra is the most important part. As you can see, I have (kind of) big breasts and the girls who are in the same situation, know how difficult it can be to find a good sports bra. With good, I mean, a bra that gives good support.

I have bought many before but mostly with the same disappointing outcome. Well girls, this one is it, it’s a keeper! I went running in it last week and it was so pleasant! (didn’t even feel my breasts “moving” if you know what I mean) And as an extra, the bra looks nice too. This is just an “extra” ’cause you’re probably the only one who will see it. Or are you a little daredevil like me, who went out for a run in only a sports bra and shorts during this incredibly warm summer?

::: I’M WEARING :::

URBAN CHICX collection by Xenia Overdose, in collaboration with HUNKEMÖLLER

The Lady in Red

The moment’s here… The summer is slowly leavin’ us… So about time to transition my wardrobe from summer to fall. And there’s one additional color that pops out this year, beside my number one black, and that’s… red! From blazers to blouses, trousers to accessories, handbags to dresses,… Red it is!

This dress has been in my closet since a little month and haven’t had the right opportunity to wear and absolutely shine in it. But I couldn’t wait any longer to introduce you to this beauty.

A dress with a high split wins my heart every time. But I must admit that this is my first red version. As a petite girl, I must always find a way to accentuate my strong points and to give the impression that I’m a tall Victoria Secret model! (Come on, the dream is everything!) Anyway, this dress is a step in the right direction. This one, to me, is also the dress for that one very special night or the dress to turn heads at a (chic) event. Whatever’s comin’, I’m ready!

What’s your color this fall? Already transitioning your closet from summer to fall? I’m off now but will be back soon, possibly with some more red. Have a great sunday eve, sweeties! Xo, Eva

Metallic chic(k)

Another day, another slay! And about to slay hard in my metallic jumpsuit by OH POLLY. (If you love jumpsuits as much as I do, I suggest you visit this glamour webstore asap, their collection is huge and outstanding.) Some think I’m crazy to wear jumpsuits in these hot temperatures (we’ve been at +30 degrees in Belgium) but the trick is to find a jumpsuit that is light and agreeable to wear during these summer days.

The jumpsuit meets the two requirements I have listed above and serves lots of glitter and glamour on top! It’s loose at some places but still succeeds in highlighting those female forms that I’m so proud of. I always wear it without a bra, it’s part of the charm of this jumpsuit. But if you aren’t comfortable with that, a metallic or black little (lace) bra could certainly work too!

I combined it with silver hoop earrings and my favorite high block heels by JUSTFAB. I only have this jumpsuit since a week or two and I’ve worn it so often, it’s currently my number one in my closet. While I was linking the items, I visited OH POLLY again and seen lots of breathtaking pieces that I’d like to add to my collection. To be continued is the only thing I can say…:

::: I’M WEARING :::

All that glitters metallic jumpsuit by OH POLLY // Shoes by JUSTFAB

Always on time

In times of smartphones, smartwatches,.. We’d almost forget the charm of a classic watch. Call me old-fashioned, I’m still a huge fan of classic armcandy. You should have seen my face when CAPITOLA WATCHES approached me.

The choice is huge, I can honestly say that there’s some for everyone. I immediately had a crush for the black version with silver details. Quite predictable: black is my favorite color and all my jewellery are in silver but especially because this watch can be combined with many outfits. Buying multiple bands would also be a good option for some variation. The bands of this version are small, a very important thing to me ’cause I have relative thin wrists, (I want to wear the watch, the watch shouldn’t wear me. That’s what absolutely would happen if I’d wear larger bands)

Are you into the classic armcandy? if you do or people close to your heart do: visit the website. Find your ideal watch and buy it with 15% off by using the code “EVAPEREZ” at the checkout. Let me know in the comments which one you have chosen! I’m so curious. Xo, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::

Capitola Silver Black/Black by CAPITOLA WATCHES

Get yours with 15% OFF with the code “EVAPEREZ

Sensation White

…Officially stuck in the white zone. I can’t even explain where all the love comes from. Today’s look is some kind of chic with that little more. Those who know me a little bit better know how essential “that little bit more” is to me. Are you ready for my interpretation of a minimalistic white look?

Adore the blazer and own it in different colors by the way. Admitted, the cleavage is rather deep so it’s completely up to you whether you wear it the “Eva way” or in a safer version. But in this look the cleavage doesn’t bother me at all ’cause the rest of the look is pretty classy. The choice for wide trousers was an easy one, tight trousers would have taken the classy vibe out of the look anyway.

The bag completes the look perfectly. It’s a little one but you’d be surprised how useful she is, a real musthave! My white pumps underneath and all ready to go. Do you feel this look? Don’t hesitate to leave you comments below, always interested in your feedback. I’m off now, talk to you soon! (lots of good things comin’ up for the blog, just sayin’) XXX, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::

The White Zone

I don’t think you’ll ever meet someone with more jumpsuits in her closet than I do. It’s an addiction. An addiction that I do not immediately intend to stop. Why should I? A jumpsuit compliments the female body in the most beautiful way. And with body, I mean every type of body. Of course you must first determine your body type to know which jumpsuit will suit you best. Everything starts with knowing your body and your strongest features. Once you’re in the know, you can jumpsuit yourself through life!

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to this white pearl. The upper part gives us a kind of military feeling thanks to those big black buttons, but it’s the bottom part who absolutely steals the show, the wide open trousers. It was the first thing I noticed and it turns “a” jumpsuit into “THE” jumpsuit. This outfit is suitable for many occasions, it’s classy, chic and playful at the same time.

Completed the look with my favorite shiny pumps and a little cosy handbag. I’m crazy ’bout this look and hope it makes your heart skip a beat too. I’m off now, talk to you soon! Xo, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::


Hi all! What about your summerwear? Do you stick with your wellknown/safe colors or are you a little daredevil like me and in for an experiment? During the summer I love to play with soft and light colors. And this nude dress is perfect to start with, don’t you think? Found at one of my favorite stores: PRETTYLITTLETHING. At first sight, she looks like any other dress but when you take a second look, you’ll realize (and will have to admit) that she isn’t.

The dress is loose, what I absolutely love in the summer days, yet she remains very classy. But the pleasant and sensual surprise can be found at the side of the dress. I’m talkin’ bout the high split. Any item with a high split (side, front, back,…) gets my attention. All women know that showing a little bit of skin is always a winner! Enough to get some attention and make those head turn, yet leaving enough to the imagination.

By coincidence I bought these matching mule heels a few weeks earlier. One happy girl over here! Completing the look was easy: I didn’t add accessories, beside my Ray-Ban sunglasses. The dress deserves to be in the spotlight, too many accessories would dull her shine. If I’d wear it for a fun night out, I’d add a small crossbody bag. One who’d come out just above the split, to accentuate it even more.

I hope you like the look as much as I do. Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon sweeties! Your girl.

The Cape Affair

Hi sweeties! Hope you’re having a lovely and exciting weekend so far. Happy and overexcited to introduce you to my latest crush. I’m very into cape outfits and BOOHOO serves the most beautiful pieces.  My collection includes cape jumpsuits, dresses and blazers and as you can see I’m expanding my collection. There are so many reasons why I’ve chosen this dress, where assymetry is one of the most important. Secondly, the length. I’m not tall so my legs are my greatest asset, anytime I can show them off or/and put them in the spotlights, I will!

The touch of white is the third reason, a monochrome look wins my heart every time. (Even if it’s just a small touch) That’s why the white handbag is the perfect accessory, it adds an extra monochrome feeling.

The dress is quite classic, maybe even chic, which means she’s suitable for many occasions. Depending on the situation/event you can play with your shoewear. I went for my favorite high heeled black blockheels by JUSTFABbut white pumps had also been a very good option. Because the look is quite classy/classic so it was essential to keep my hairstyle and makeup as natural as possible. A bob haircut is always a good idea for these kind of minimalistic looks. In terms of makeup, I went for a little eyeliner and discrete lipgloss.

I really like these kind of looks, I hope you do too ’cause I have some more in store. Enjoy your day! And thank you so much for reading. Talk to you soon! Xo, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::

Feels like Summer

Sunshine, 30 degrees,…? Better translated as “hello swimwear season”! If you’re lookin’ for me, I can be found in and around the pool with some good music on the background and a glass of rosé wine. Aloha!

When it comes to swimwear you’ll rather see me in a swimsuit than in a bikini. I prefer to leave something to the imagination, plus a swimsuit compliments my body more. Around this time many are dropping their beachwear collections, so did PRETTYLITTLETHING. And I’m so thrilled to introduce you to my favorite item of their holiday shop, this jeweled high neck swimsuit.

The swimsuit is an eye catcher for several reasons. I simply adore the high neck design in contrast with the deeply cut back side. Those two elements compliment the female body in the best way. The jewels attract the attention and I adore the way they are placed and divided.

When you spend time at the beach it’s agreeable when you have a little cover up. I’ve chosen the black diamante maxi skirt, ’cause it completes this beachwear look the best. But I’m also fan of kimono’s or beach dresses, but I’d rather combine that with a bikini.

What about you, are you a bikini or a swimsuit lover? And why? Lookin’ forward to your replies. Thank you for your visit and for reading. Talk to you soon! Xo, Eva

::: I’M WEARING :::

High neck jeweled swimsuit by PRETTYLITTLETHING // Black all over diamante maxi skirt by PRETTYLITTLETHING


I’m a woman who knows what she wants, sets her goal and doesn’t stop until that goal is reached. That has been my mindset since years; it has brought me quite far. And… in many difficult but interesting situations. But I’ve never been into “easy” anyway.

When I shared my weight loss on facebook last week, “how did you do this?” was the most frequently asked question. So it was only logical that I’d share my story with you. My goal is to lose 8-10kg. I’ve currently lost 7, so that means I’m almost there. I can hear you think “wow” but in fact achieving it isn’t the difficult part. To stay on this target weight, that’s where the challenge lies.

An intensive diet was never part of the plan. I didn’t want to starve myself for temporary results. So the only way to have lasting results was to adjust my lifestyle, this through sport and a different way of eating.

My sports activities include running, abdominal exercises, hometrainer sessions and since a week bicycling. Swimming & lifting weights are definitely sports that I’d love to add to the list in the near future. My focus is currently mainly on running.

  • Running : 2 à 3 times a week – mostly in the morning to start the day with a clear mind. I’ve built it up slowly and currentely running 6-7k per session. *IMPORTANT women better eat carbohydrates before they start exercising to burn more fat, while men better wait until afterwards.
  • Abdominal exercises : 2 times 30min/week. (in a next post I’ll give you a better view on the exercises + programs I use and which ones gave me the best results)
  • Hometrainer session : a good alternative to have some movement & exercise when I can’t go out for a training session. (Single mom life, baby!) You’ll catch me in the garden with a headset and some good music while giving my all.
  • Bicycling : I’ve started a week ago and it goes well. Currently lookin’ for some beautiful routes from at least 10 to 15k. Oh and I love cycling uphill!

These exercises have given me more muscles in my legs, my bum and my tummy is flatter too. As you can see I’m not training for hours, but I do it regulary and that seems better and easier to sustain.

This is one part but what about my eating habbits?

As breakfast I eat porridge with sugar and/or fruit – bananas and strawberries work the best for me. We eat a lot of vegetables too, spinach is the absolute favorite of my boys. My dishes consists mainly of poultry or fish, since I’m not fan of red meat. And you will always, and I really mean always, find a lot of sauce on my plate. I’ll never get rid of the sauce, never!

So, what I eat didn’t change, how I eat did.

Instead of eating a lot at once, I now eat smaller portions and this 4-6 times a day. And because of the smaller portions, I’m less hungry anyway. I also eat quite early and take my last snack at least 30-45 minutes before I go to bed. Not because I believe in those stories of “you will get fat purely from eating late at night” Believe me, that’s just a myth. As long as you don’t consume the majority of your daily calorie needs, there’s no problem. It’s more because it’s unpleasant to go to bed with an uncomfortably full stomach, you’ll still be satisfied in the morning and that will result in skipping breakfast. This will disrupt your metabolism.

Is there no more room for candy? Of course there is! Thanks to all my workouts I’m perfectly able to eat candy. And I enjoy it even more than I did before.

There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m proud of what I achieved in those 2 months. Can’t wait to see how my body will transform in the next weeks. I’m off now, running! Talk to you soon. Love always, sporty spice 😉

::: I’M WEARING :::

Optiek Karine | Dress Your Eyes

Some are blessed with good eyes and others do not. Unfortunately I belong to the second group but since some years my vision is stable. I wear both: contact lenses and glasses.

To all those who think you can’t be cool, goodlooking and/or stylish with glasses, I’ll prove you wrong. So many nice eyewear collections have been released the last years. It’s simply a question of discovering them and finding the right one for you. OPTIEK KARINE is the place to be and will help you in your search. You’ll receive a warm welcome but above all a very good guidance.

The times of unobtrusive frames is far behind me. This is mainly because my attitude has changed, today I am proud to wear glasses. And that explains my choice for these large round glasses by GIORGIO ARMANI. It completely changes my look, it opens up my face and it compliments my eyes. I’m more than happy with my choice. And so thankful KARINE BOSMANS helped me makin’ it, she opened up a whole new world for me.

But OPTIEK KARINE is more than glasses and contact lenses. (what they are really good at by the way – mine were perfect on the first try and that’s exceptional with my vision) They also have a wide range in sunglasses, it was rather difficult to make a choice. So, I’ll be back for more soon. ‘Cause you know what they say: the more options you have, the better. You feel me?

But now I proudly present this beautiful CARIN sunglasses. It’s big, it’s striking, it’s simply gorgeous! But most important it protects they eyes very well and that’s what interests me. The price range is a bit higher but then again this brand isn’t comparable with the glasses you’ll find in the shop around the corner.

One happy girl, with a clear view, over here. Don’t hesitate and visit OPTIEK KARINE to dress your eyes in the best possible way. Oh and I didn’t mention yet that eyewear collection ODETTE LUNETTES by ELINE DE MUNCK is available at their shop too! Huge fan of that brand and excited to have my own lunettes. I’m off now. Have a great sunday and thank you so much for reading and visitting. Talk to you soon!


Milani Cosmetics

Happy saturday, let’s talk about makeup today! For years I’ve been faithful to cosmetics brands such as ZOEVA COSMETICSSLEEK MAKEUP, BOBBI BROWN,… But lately, I’m discovering new brands, this is the first this year: MILANI COSMETICS.

Introducing the Amore Matte Lip Creme and Milani Every Eyes | Must Have Naturals palette. I’ve always been a fan of natural looks and colors, heavy makeup has never been “my thing.” It doesn’t compliment my face either.

The glitter brown is my favorite of this palette and I’d wear it with the nude (2nd in the row from the left) and a touch of black in the corner or I’d mix the two brown shades. Can’t wait to play and already excited and impatient to show you the results.

The only thing missing was lipgloss or lipstick. And then I found it, a perfect match with the shades of my palette, the Amore Matte Lip Creme. Surpised about the choice for this color? Actually you shouldn’t. With a love for natural looks, brown is an obvious choice. (+ suits my skind perfectly)  I’m very positive about this creme, it lasts for hours, eat, drink,.. It will remain.

MILANI COSMETICS has a wide range in their lip cremes, I’ve chosen this brown for now but already lookin’ for more at BOOZYSHOP. There’s also one other palette that I’d love to have in my collection. You know what that means right? BEAUTYSPAMMING you the next weeks, months,… Sorry, not sorry! Oooooops!

Are you already familiar with MILANI? Any experiences you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate and drop them below. Thank you for your visit, enjoy this lovely saturday. Talk to you soon! Xo, Eva